Art Design and Media

The field of art, design and media encompasses several occupations.  The majority of the applicable positions require a BS (Bachelor of Science)or a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) degree from an accredited college. 

This is obtained either by attending classes on a bricks-and-mortar campus, or by online courses.  It generally takes four years to complete either the BS or BFA degree program.  Many specialized fields are included in these studies:

  • Interior Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Multimedia Art and Animations
  • Art Direction

Art, Design and Media Admission Requirements

The admission requirements vary with each university.  However, they all require a high school diploma, or the equivalent, a minimum grade point average (GPA) and an ACT or SAT score.  It is also mandatory that certain courses be completed in high school, which includes English, Social Studies, Math and Science.  The number of required years of those courses range from three to four years, depending on the university.  Some universities require at least one year of fine arts, as well.  There are colleges that waive this requirement, since not all high schools teach fine arts. 

Some universities may also require a portfolio submission with an application for admission.  A portfolio usually consists of six or more pieces of work, in the selected field of study, to highlight artistic ability, perception and conceptualization.  Quality is the most important factor when selecting which pieces to include in a portfolio, not quantity. 

Career Opportunities After Earning an Art, Design or Media Degree

There are many traditional occupations that incorporate art, design or media education.  Fashion design encompasses the creation of clothing, shoes and accessories.  An internship often comes before a long-term position with many companies.  In interior design, both home and business consulting opportunities are available.  An interior designer works with customers to create living spaces, as well as office spaces. 

Graphic design programs allow for a wide selection of occupational opportunities.  Graphic artists work in various industries and specialized fields, such as publishing, marketing, public relations, and advertising. Graphic artists work with images, text and audio to create finished products, including web and mobile designs.

Post-Graduate Salary Information with an Art, Design or Media Degree

The Bureau of Labor Statistics report that Arts and Design occupations have median annual salaries of $43,950 per year. Fashion designers are always in demand, but there is often the need to relocate to geographical locations where the demand exists.  The salary for a fashion designer often depends on the specialization and level of expertise.  Entry-level positions for fashion design graduates are often at a lower salary, as compared to one who is more experienced.  However, the potential to expand into more specialized niches, as well as learning more about business management, increases as experience grows. 



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