Digital Film and Visual Effects

Studying digital film and visual effects opens up creative and exciting career opportunities. Attending a quality school to earn a degree is a financial investment that pays off as your career advances.

It is a career for those that have creative vision and a desire to attract viewers to a product, service or other creative visual experience.

Benefits of Attending School for Digital Film and Visual Effects

There are many benefits to attending school for visual effects and digital film. First and foremost, there are dozens of career options, making degree holders highly employable. Major manufacturers seek individuals with these skills to help market their product. Consumers tend to buy with their eyes first. The more visually captivating an advertisement is, the more successful an advertising campaign. Combining these two into one career is a choice that makes you in demand by major companies including movie and television production companies as well as video game developers. Your school program will teach you the most modern technologies and techniques, allowing you to implement fresh ways to deliver effects and video whether it is online, on the television or on the movie screen.

Some of what you will learn in studying visual effects and digital film is how to layer images for the most dramatic effect and visual appeal. For the purpose of television and movies, working in these fields allows you to make the effects more dramatic. Learning how to make explosions or fire look real when it is animated is a talent that can only be learned by attending school for this craft.

Career Opportunities

The possibilities are nearly endless as to what you can do with a degree in visual effects and digital film. You could become a digital videographer making children's movies or fine tuning music videos for major artists. Visual effects professionals can work with major recording artists to create lighting or laser effects for shows, with Broadway productions to improve the effects and with several other live venues. These are just a sampling of the career choices. Of course, these skills would also be beneficial to video creators, web design needs, animated cartoon creators and adult cartoon creators. As an adult cartoon creator, your services would be needed for shows that are shown on networks like Fox or Adult Swim.

These careers can be very lucrative given the technical difficulty of visual effects and digital video creation. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those working in multimedia production positions earn a median salary of $69,560 annually. Your program will also teach you how to blend the right colors for specific effects, how to use lighting to manipulate graphics and how to add depth to flat images. There is a lot of technical skill that goes into visual effects and digital film production, including science, physics and mathematics. It is far more complex than using a few tools on Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Gimp.

This is a skilled trade that can be studied online or in a classroom setting. By visiting Your School Match you can easily bring up several options that suit your needs and desired field of study. Links to each school in your desired field are available. This gives you the opportunity to view what each school has to offer and what their programs are structured like. Making the decision to attend college to gain a degree for employment is a big one. Taking the time to view what each has to offer lets you compare the different types of programming that is available along with comparing them side-by-side with other programs.

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