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If you love sports and want to work in athletics, a degree in sports management may be a perfect fit for you. We can help you find the best schools based on your interests and assist you in getting the strongest career start possible.

Types of Sports Management Options

A sports management program can include a focus in areas of finance and budgeting, planning and organizing, and marketing and advertising. These responsibilities are applicable at each levels of sports: from recreational sports, to collegiate sports, to professional teams. Business management and communication skills are vital to success in this field and will certainly be a part of your education. With a degree in sports management, the possibilities are endless and depend on what your particular interests and personality are. You may decide you want to own a team or become an athletic director and influence things from that angle. You may be more of a social butterfly and choose to be a coach, an events coordinator, or a director of promotions, which will allow for much more public interaction. Another avenue to be considered could be becoming a sports agent or sports lawyer.  You can work nationally or internationally, which can be an exciting prospect if you dream of traveling the world. A sports management degree is a great choice when you enjoy and appreciate athletics. Work with coaches, owners, and players and try out the exciting jobs in this field1.

Possible Admission Requirements

Once you have decided you are interested in a sports management program, you need to know what the admissions requirements are for this degree. Having previously taken high school courses in areas such as history, sports, marketing and sociology can help you once you get into a college program.  Your extracurricular activities, and any sports you played in high school, can identify you as a good match for these programs. Schools vary in their specific requirements, but your school application can be helped by any experience you may have already had in physical education or management3.

Types of Degrees Available

Different types of degrees are available in the sports management field, including a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sports and Recreational Management, a Bachelor of Science in Sports Management, and there are Masters and Doctorate level programs offerd by some excellent schools . A Master of Arts in Kinesiology is also an option to consider as it incorporates different aspects of the field of sport3.

Potential Salary or Earnings in Sports Management

Sports management can be fun and it can also be a lucrative career.  Salaries starting from the lower $30,000 rise to well beyond $100,000 in some cases2. This range can obviously increase as your experience and continued education in the field increase. Proximity to large and multiple sports organizations will be beneficial in obtaining and maximizing your job opportunities and ability to expand. Once you have gained experience in the field, your earning potential increases greatly as you apply for higher level positions.

When you are looking for a sports management program, consider your personality, lifestyle, goals, interests and strengths. From there, you will find unlimited potential for a lifelong career in this rewarding and diverse field.


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