Christian Focused Studies

There are a wide range of possibilities for those entering Christian Focused studies. Christian Focused Studies allows for professional and personal development of those interested in the practices and historical developments of Christianity. By end of the program, graduates will be equipped with the skills needed for a meaningful career with a Christian Focus that also contributes to the Christian community.

Christian Focused Studies Programs

Those interested in Christian Focused Studies programs will take courses from theology to philosophy depending on the requirements of their chosen university. Course programs can focus on rituals, myths, and the construction of various moral codes using the tests of Christianity, anthropological and interdisciplinary accounts. Christian Focused Studies programs will also educate students on the Bible, theology, principles of leadership in the church, and personal development. Students will experience the rigorous coursework in Biblical languages, Hebrew and Greek. These languages serve as a passageway to learning the history and foundations of their faith more deeply. The goal for the program is to encourage your critical thinking and communication skills that will help shape your understanding of scripture and skills for practical ministry.

Most students taking courses in Christian Focused Studies Bachelor programs will select at least once centration such as:

  • Apologetics
  • Bible and Theology
  • Biblical Languages
  • Christian Ministry
  • Focus on the Family Institute
  • Global Studies
  • Pastoral Leadership
  • Theology/Church History
  • Theology/Philosophy
  • Youth Ministry

Select universities and colleges in the Christian focused Studies program will offer hands on training programs where students can gain experience and make a difference. There are opportunities for travel on mission trips, volunteering for charities, and interning at local churches. Some colleges have special leadership programs that combines academic study with practical, supervised training to develop one's understanding and application of leadership principles.

A variety of colleges and universities offer Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctor's degrees in Christian Focused Studies. Students facing a busy schedule can locate colleges with Christian Focused Studies programs with on-line learning as well as hybrid courses allowing for learning on campus and online.

Career Opportunities After Earning a Christian Focused Studies Degree

Upon graduating from a Christian Focused Studies program, career opportunities for graduates range from clergy members, rabbis, ministers, and other religious leadership roles. Assuming a role in Christian leadership requires one to conduct religious worship and perform spiritual functions connected to Christianity. Members of the Christian church will look for those in religious leadership roles for spiritual and moral guidance. With Christianity being a religion recognized around the world, graduates can extend their knowledge as a missionary or ministry director in foreign locations as well as domestic.

Graduates can also choose to further their academic careers in theology, history, and sociology to earn higher learning degrees such as a Master's or Doctor's degree.

Christian Focused Studies provides students with the opportunity to help others while experiencing personal religious enlightenment and service.

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