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As someone who holds a criminal justice degree, you are in a position to participate in all the excitement that a legal career as to offer.  Legal aid training is an important component to gaining a paralegal degree.  Para legal

training affords you the skill sets and background to operating effectively in a fast paced attorney’s office.  Whether you are researching briefs, or organizing court documents, your role is critical to seeing that the wheels of justice continue to creak forward.

Local community colleges offer paralegal training at the associate’s level, while some institutions offer bachelors and master’s degrees in paralegal studies as part of a broader legal studies program.

Law firms looking to hire new paralegals are looking for both education and experience.  As such, as part of their legal aid training, many certification programs offer intensive internship positions that add critical skills, which are only learned in the trenches of on the job training to the applicant’s curriculum vitas.

 Criminal Justice Degree Admissions Requirements

 Admissions requirements for an associate of Criminal Justice degree are typically minimal and including being 18 years of age and high school graduate.  Paralegal hopefuls can pre-train for the field by developing their critical thing, reading, and writing skills to better prepare themselves for the position.  Additionally, organizational skills are paramount to the effective operating of a legal office, so an applicant should become well versed in a variety of office management software tools.  

Career Opportunities after Earning a Criminal Justice Degree

 According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, career opportunities for legal assistance is expected to rise at least as high as the national average of 18% through the end of the decade and should see an increase of nearly 50,000 positions over the 256,000 jobs in 2010.  Career opportunities look good because of the growing need of support staff that is required in an overburdened court system.  Additionally, everything from private detectives to store security positions is open to the looking job seeker.  Getting a criminal justice degree however, is seen as the key to opening a door to the legal profession.

 Post-graduation Salary Information with a Criminal Justice Degree

 Holders of a paralegal degree can expect a median pay range of $46,680 per annum, or $22.44 an hour.  Once within the field and with some experience under their belts, paralegals can expect to see their pay envelope increase accordingly.

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