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In order to go into the field of software development, a Bachelor of Science degree, focusing on computer science and programming, is necessary.  It usually takes four years to complete a software development program, whether

it is done online, on-campus or a combination of both.  Continuing education is often required due to the ever-changing scripting technology that is utilized in the field.  Many universities that provide the initial Bachelor’s program also offer these courses to keep skills current.

Software Development Degree Admission Requirements

The admission requirements to universities include a high school diploma (or equivalent) with a grade point average (GPA), transcripts, ACT or SAT scores, along with their own application form.  Some educational institutions require an additional essay or letter of intent, stating the purpose of the education being sought.  Universities that require ACT or SAT scores do so in order to verify that the appropriate level of mathematical aptitude has been achieved, as this plays a vital role in the skill set of a software developer. 

Career Opportunities After Earning a Software Development Degree

Software developers are considered the third best technology job in 2013, and the demand is high for well-educated and experienced developers.  (, 2013)  Web-enabled applications are a stable and growing trend, and software developers are the personnel behind the design of them.  Businesses utilize them, not just as a product to sell to their clients, but also internally for company use.

Many companies are moving to cloud storage and operations.  Software developers work to integrate systems to interface with data stored in remote locations, while not losing its integrity or utility.  A working knowledge of programs, such as Flash, C++, JavaScript and mobile utilities are covered in university curriculums.  This knowledge base is the foundation of application software design, and the future appears to be looking very favorable for growth in this field. There are freelance opportunities available for software developers, as well.  An individual may venture out and find work on their own, however, there are agencies who work on an independent contractor basis.

Post-Graduate Salary Information with a Software Development Degree

A median salary for software developers often varies depending upon the specialization. The median annual salary for a software developer is $100,690. In general, the income made by the average software developer is higher than any other in the technology field.  A freelance software developer salary depends upon many factors, but the geographical market is not one of them.  Branching out to offers from around the world expand the potential for more networking and profitable opportunities.


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