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The fields of trade and vocational studies span a wide range of careers--everything from a certified personal trainer to a travel and tourism specialist, from a home remodeler to an Optician. With enough training in this field, you could even pursue a

Career as a wedding planner or an environmental engineer.

Types of trade and vocational studies certificates

There are a variety of options available in the trade and vocational study fields. However, most only require a certificate:

Certificate - Certificate in your career field of choice. It is generally required to perform a job in this field; if it is not required, it is recommended and will generally offer more job opportunities.

Trade and vocational studies certificates admission requirements

Most schools do not have college course requirements to get into the program to receive a certificate, but all schools require students to have earned a high school diploma or its equivalent. It is, however, common to get other training in fields of similar interests to compliment the certificate.

Careers available with a trade and vocational studies certificate

A certificate in trade and vocational studies qualifies students for any number of careers. As there are many different types of certificates in many different types of fields of study, all with their own career possibilities. These include careers in mechanics, secretarial, professional locksmithing, and floral design. A graduate could become an electrician, an event planner, a travel agent, a home redecorator, or a personal trainer.

Salary and job prospects for trade and vocational studies certificate holders

There is a vast salary range in jobs to be had with a trade and vocational studies certificate, and it depends on which certificate you get. Salaries in these field are extremely varied and depend on the certificate, the position, the employer and, to some extent, the region of the country. The median annual salary for an event planner is $46,840. The median annual salary for a secretary is $36,500 and median annual salary for a fireman is $46,870 per year.

Because of the vast variety of different jobs and fields in the trade and vocational studies, it is difficult to tell in general if they are growing or shrinking over the years. Some careers may be growing, and some may be shrinking, depending on the demand of the career type in question. For instance, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Firefighting is projected to have a 5% increase from now to 2024. Event planners, on the other hand, is projected to have a 10% increase during the same period of time. Some of the other career paths, however, may be declining over the years, and each one will be growing or declining at different rates.

There is likely a certificate program out there that is perfect for you - whether it be helping people as a firefighter with a fire science certificate, or creating memories as a wedding planner with an ABC Certificate in wedding planning. There are tons of options available, and each one leading you towards a successful and satisfying career.

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