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Tattooing is a practice that has been around for centuries and continues to only become more popular. A tattoo artist is someone who is passionate about designing and applying tattoos to all areas of a customers’ body. Artists can employ an immense amount of techniques in order to achieve the client’s desired look. Being a tattoo artist may allow you the freedom of experimenting on a regular basis with the work you do, as some clients will express an idea of what they would like, and then it is up to the artist to portray the given image. This leaves you to the devices of your creativity and also the opportunity to create ‘one of a kind' pieces. There will also be times when clients will come in knowing exactly what they would like and have an image ready for you. In this career, a potential artist can expect diversity in clientele, meeting new people, trying new techniques, and the ability to not be held back in the work that they do. It is between the artist, the client, and their imagination.


There are many schools that are dedicated to the art of tattooing. While at each school the curriculum may vary slightly, one can expect to cover artistic techniques, outlining, color and shading techniques, tattoo traditions and culture, business and legal aspects of the industry, sterilizing and handling equipment, machine and equipment operation, tattoo practice and finally portfolio development. The length of the courses depends on the tattoo school you choose to attend, some take as little as 2 weeks while some can take up to 2 years. Deciding on a school will ultimately boil down to what works best for you.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for Craft and Fine Artists was $48,760 in 2019. (1)

Note that the average salary varies widely not only depending on the career chosen but on geographical location and employer. Conditions in your area may vary.


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Careers associated with these educational opportunities often require additional degrees and certifications not offered as part of the educational opportunities presented by this website.

Information based on national data, not school-specific information. Conditions in your area may vary.