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Administrative Assistant

Despite the misconception of an administrative assistant's job being elementary, they perform a variety of duties vital to keeping an office running smoothly and efficiently.

Education Required

Nearly every administrative assistant position requires a high school diploma and many also require an associate's degree. The requirements depend significantly on the employer and how much the employer values and delegates responsibility to the position. Whom the assistant works for also plays a large role. For example, more will be expected from an executive assistant to the CEO of a company than an assistant in a small business.


The main role of an administrative assistant is to be the gatekeeper to the person in the position to which they are assistant. Oftentimes, they handle all incoming calls, emails, mail, faxes and other communication methods and are also in charge of ordering office supplies and taking inventory of existing supplies.

Admission Requirements

Prior office experience and knowledge of general office procedures including scheduling, telephone skills, typing, documentation skills, verbal communication skills, written communication skills, dependability, attention to detail, and administrative writing skills are highly valued.

Post Graduate Salary Information

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, secretaries and administrative assistants earned a median salary of $39,850 in 2019 (1), while executive secretaries and executive administrative assistants earned a median salary of $62,920 in 2019 (2).

Note that the average salary varies widely not only depending on career chosen, but on geographical location and what industry the job is in.


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