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Find the Right Biblical Studies Program to Master Bible and Theological Studies

Are you keen on knowing the purpose behind our creation and the mission of God? Do you want to discover your unique strengths and overcome weaknesses by understanding God's word? The biblical studies programs are the right fit for you.

Why Earn a Degree in Biblical Studies

As practicing Christians, the Bible holds central importance in our lives. But to understand what God wants to communicate with us, it is necessary to develop an understanding of its cultural, historical and literary context. This enables you to become informed about the Christian thought, mission of God and how you can help spread the word and message of God. It allows you to study the hidden meaning of God's words and practically apply it to the life that you live.

A major in Biblical and Theological studies enables you to develop the tools needed for a more effective investigation of the scripture and theology. Whether you plan to teach, join church ministry or seminary, these programs polish your capabilities, give you the required knowledge to become successful in your respective field.

Career Opportunities after Earning a Biblical Studies Degree

After your successful major in biblical studies, you will open doors to career opportunities in a variety of roles, which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Pastor
  • Theologian
  • Archeologist
  • Evangelist
  • Teacher/Professor
  • Archeologist
  • Religious writer or editor
  • Missionary
  • Chaplain
  • Religious counselor
  • Director of a Christian nonprofit organization

Average Annual Salary

The average salary of a graduate in biblical studies is $40,810 to $71,890 annually, which gradually increases with time. This depends on the area and field in which you choose to work. If you pursue a master's degree, it is likely to open many other options with an even higher earning potential.


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