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Why Study Biomedical Sciences?

Biology is a broad field of study that has wide applications in both medical and scientific research. Students who pursue an education in biomedical sciences have taken the first step towards various scientific and medical fields.

A biomedical degree can enable students to become innovative and proactive biomedical scientists, engineers, problem solvers and make valuable contributions to the medical, health, and research fields.

Depending on your focus of study within the domain of biomedical science, you can opt for a focus on research, healthcare services, education, research writing, ecology, biochemistry, technology, and many other industries.

Career Opportunities and Earning Potential after Completing A Biomedical Degree

The available career opportunities and earning potential depends on the specific type and level of your degree. A wide variety of career opportunities can be available for those who study beyond graduation because biomedical sciences intend to explore the scientific practices, knowledge, techniques, and technologies related to diagnosis, analysis, and treatment of diseases.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of trained biomedical employees is increasing over the decade. This is due to the rapidly growing chronic diseases, aging population, and an increase in the demand for pharmaceuticals.

Students who earn a graduate degree in biomedical sciences can pursue a career in the following domains:

  • Biomedical engineering - average salary of $91,410/year
  • Medical and health sciences services - average salary of $100,980/year
  • Veterinary - average salary of $95,460/year
  • Biomedical research - average salary of $65,777/year

Because biomedical science is a vast field, you need to consider which aspect you are interested in studying before opting for any biomedical degree program.

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