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Why Enroll in CDL/Commercial Driving Program?

Have you considered a career as a commercial driver? Numerous companies regularly look for commercial vehicle drivers, tractor-trailers drivers, livestock carrier drivers, and many others.

A career in commercial driving can provide you with a wide range of employment and earning opportunities. Many companies offer direct employment to commercial drivers through CDL training programs. As commercial/CDL drivers remain in high demand in diverse industries, this field provides excellent job security.

The purpose of a CDL/Commercial Driving program is to prepare individuals who are interested in building a career in heavy commercial vehicle driving and have little or no experience of commercial driving to get the Commercial Driver's License. Students without a valid Commercial Driver's License or Learner's Permit can prepare for the commercial driver's license exam through one of our programs.

Job Outlook and Earning Potential

After completing a CDL/Commercial Driving Program, students can operate certain types of commercial vehicles like buses, heavy duty trucks, carrier trailers, and vehicles used for carrying chemicals or other hazardous materials. Some of the popular commercial driver's positions include the following:

  • School bus driver - average salary of $34,450/ yeari
  • Dump truck driver - average salary of $28,710/yearii
  • Bus driver and intercity driver - average salary of $34,450/yeariii
  • Heavy vehicle tractor-trailer driver - average salary of $45,260/ yeariv

Students who enroll in the CDL/Commercial Driving Program are offered training to drive different commercial vehicles in various conditions. Upon the completion of the program, students are required to meet regulatory requirements.


  • Careers associated with these educational opportunities often require additional degrees and certifications not offered as part of the educational opportunities presented by this website.
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