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Children are the future of this country. Their success depends greatly on the child development professionals they meet along the way. Let us connect you to the right program to begin this rewarding career.

A Child Development Program can lead to a number of dynamic careers. It is geared towards small child care but a degree in this field can also lead to many other child-related fields. If you love children and want to make a difference in the life of a child, pursuing an education in Child Development is a great place to start 3. How far you go with your education and what type of field you eventually get into is completely up to you.

Types of Degrees to Pursue

There are several types of degrees your can pursue when you want to work in child development3. The first one is a Child Development Diploma. This program is geared towards child care workers and staff in child recreational programs. You will learn things like activity planning, behavior guidance, observation, nutrition, and early curriculum. An Associate of Applied Science Degree is the next step up for those who want to work more in the early child care centers or teachers of preschoolers. This degree will focus more on curriculum development, working with children of differing abilities, working with infants/toddlers, working with preschoolers, and doing school age child development. The Associate of Science in Child Development is another degree geared  towards teachers of young, school-aged children. This degree focuses quite a bit on the learning environment, leadership, management, and general education requirements. You can even go as high as a Master's of Science Degree in Child Development. This degree is best for teachers and those looking to get into child psychology.

Possible Admission Requirements

All schools and training programs are going to have their own specific admission requirements. However, many of these introductory programs only require you to have completed high school by way of diploma or GED and to have a caring attitude and general love for children. Patience, responsibility, problem solving skills, and good communication skills are also very important when looking into a career in child development2.

Career Prospects

Many of the child development training programs are geared towards helping people who want to gain a career in nanny, family child care, educational assistant, teacher, assistant teacher, child care coordinator, child program coordinator, social worker, child psychologist or psychiatrist, child counselor, and director of a child care/day care facility2. The population increases every day and the need for child care workers will never be lacking. In order for our country to move forward and advance in technology and medicine, or any field, it is going to depend on the care and teaching children get at an early age. The first few years of a child's life are the most important. This is when they learn the basics, develop their brains the most, and develop their personalities.

Potential Salary and Earnings in Child Development

Since this field is broad and incorporates everyone from weekend babysitters to early education teachers, the salary potential is varies greatly. It can range anywhere from $10 an hour1 to over $50,000 a year2. Many of these degrees also help you move into other more specialized careers such as child psychology. Therefore, your potential salary increases as you get into those other fields.


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