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Civil engineering is a branch of engineering that focuses on geo-technology, structures, construction, advance transportation structuring. Most civil engineers work in offices while some take part in field surveys of the construction sites.

What Civil Engineers Do?

The structures on which civil engineers focus include but are not limited to bridges, roads, airports, pipeline systems, dams, and many others. While working in office settings, civil engineers evaluate reports to create a project's feasibility and practicality. When developing reports, they also consider the project's costs, standards, safety, and durability. They write proposals for government officials or clients to inform them about the project's cost, utility, and timeline.

A degree in civil engineering enables students to study in a hi-tech environment with unique hands-on training opportunities. Whether they pursue a career in aerospace, construction, or transportation, the goal of a civil engineering program is to provide a basis of knowledge vital for passing the Fundamental of Engineering examination. After passing this exam, students can start their careers as professional civil engineers in the public or private sectors.

Job Opportunities and Income Potential

After completing a professional graduate civil engineering degree program, students can further specialize in different branches such as utility engineering, geotechnical engineering, or architectural engineering. Some may advance in the planning and development fields to become urban planners.

  • Geotechnical engineer - average salary of $91,160 per year
  • Utility engineer - average salary of $87,060 per year
  • Urban and regional planning and development engineers - average salary of $74,350 per year


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