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As a cosmetology teacher it is your duty to instruct your students on the proper way to work with clients, properly attend to sensitive client needs and how to properly apply techniques learned in the classroom. This does require schooling

and a degree. It also includes being available for refresher courses and learning new trends in the cosmetology world.

The Educational Requirements of a Cosmetology Teacher

The beginning stages of becoming a teacher of cosmetology include several pre-requisite courses. These include general biology, physics, chemistry, psychology, ethics and a course for skin and scalp infections or diseases. These courses are important because you will need to learn how chemical reactions affect hair, skin and nails. Biology is important in understanding and being able to teach about the different layers of skin and the proper ways to care for skin. Psychology is important because being able to interact with clients and be sympathetic to their situations is what keeps clients coming back as well as the talent that the cosmetologist has.

While in school you will learn the fundamentals of cosmetology as well as classic techniques. As you take courses to work toward your teacher of cosmetology degree or certification, classes are available to help you learn tools to teach techniques. You will be helped with understanding how to present items to students, how to explain why the techniques are important and how to teach them the different skin diseases and infections to watch for. You have to learn as well as being able to deliver what you learn.

It is important to take courses for educational development as well. Not every student learns the same way. Alternative teaching methods help the success rate of students and also boost graduation statistics. If a student is having trouble grasping a technique, as the teacher, providing an alternative explanation or demonstration can help that student to succeed. Those techniques alone make great teachers.

Staying Up-to-Date on Trends

As a cosmetology teacher, understanding what the current trends are as far as hair styles, dying techniques, makeup and nail technology are important. You must be able to teach your students classic techniques as well as how to remain within the trends. Attending seminars in order to learn the in-demand trends is often needed so that you are able to deliver this material to your students. The more in tune they are with being able to adjust to trends and such, the more successful they will be upon graduation.

Salary and Career Advancements

According to statistics on, the annual median salary for a Cosmetology Teacher with a degree is $54,000. Hairdressers and cosmetologists can expect to earn a minimum salary of $22,500 per year based upon statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Obtaining a degree for teaching more than doubles your earning potential.

Becoming a teacher of cosmetology gives you a few career options. As a teacher you are often able to work for high-profile schools which can earn more than the median salary. This also gives you the opportunity to work side jobs for production companies, celebrities and events. Some of which you would be able to take some of your top students to for educational practice and the learning experience.

Deciding on a career as a cosmetology teacher leaves a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. You must be aware of health and safety regulations, new techniques or products and skin or scalp ailments at all times. This does require extra research from time-to-time. Your teaching certificate must always be up-to-date, which will require recertification testing and some additional classroom time.

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