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If you're passionate about exercise, sports, and psychology, desire to help people perform their best and overcome adversity, and don't mind a career that emphasizes research, a degree in Exercise Psychology could be a great fit for you.

Types of Degrees

Exercise Psychology students typically pursue a master's or doctorate degree after earning a bachelor's degree (4 years) in psychology, kinesiology, or exercise science. Each school differs in its requirements and in where they place their Exercise Psychology degree program.

Admission Requirements

Given the variance in how schools classify their Exercise Psychology, the requirements for entry into a master's or doctorate degree program also differ. For example, some schools classify their program as a concentration within a broader Applied or Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program and thus require a bachelor's degree in Psychology, while other schools place the program in their Exercise Science school and require a bachelor's degree in Kinesiology or Exercise Science as a prerequisite. It is important to explore several options before settling on a specific school.

Career Opportunities After Earning An Exercise Psychology Degree

The range of career opportunities available to someone with a degree in Exercise Psychology include:

  • Sports Psychologist
  • Clinical Sports Psychology Assistant

Post Graduate Salary Information

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for a Psychologist was $80,370 in 2019.1

Note that the average salary varies widely not only depending on career chosen, but on geographical location and employer. Conditions in your area may vary.


  1. Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Careers associated with these educational opportunities often require additional degrees and certifications not offered as part of the educational opportunities presented by this website.
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