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Fashion Design Degree

A fashion design degree will teach individuals how to hone in on their artistic, abstract design concepts and transform them into wearable clothing and actual fashion. Students will study computer-generated and traditional techniques.

Associate Degree in Fashion Design

Associate programs offer a practical foundation for design, fashion, knitwear, visual merchandising and textiles. Industry benchmarks and terminology are emphasized in the program, as well as technical expertise and individual personality and style. Students are required to complete a fashion portfolio before graduation. Upon graduation, students can find employment in a number of entry-level positions or pursue work as a freelance fashion designer.

Prerequisites for Associate Degree Programs

The associate program requires applicants to have their GED or high school diploma. Personal essays, formal applications, portfolios and a personal interview might be part of the application process. Some programs require that the applicant pass a sketch test to demonstrate their artistic abilities.

Career Outlook

Graduates that have their associate degree in fashion design will be able to find entry-level employment working with clothing manufacturers, business tailors, seamstresses and production companies. Many individuals choose to begin their own business as a fashion designer. Popular career opportunities include that of a costume designer, fashion designer, assistant fashion buyer and seamstress.

Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design

Many students decide to enroll in a bachelor program in fashion to take courses in a studio-type setting that emphasizes the vision of individuals and hones in on their techniques and technical skills in fashion. Students will learn how to harness their own concepts and designs to begin functioning as an integral component of the fashion team. Rendering and pattern creation, illustration and developing prototypes are all integral components of the course. Throughout the program, students will build and create a professional portfolio that will be critiqued by leading professionals in the field before graduating.

Prerequisites for Bachelor Degree Programs

Traditional admission requirements for this program requires that the student has their GED or high school diplomacy, completion of a formal application and submission of recommendation letters. Some of the additional admission procedures are that of a portfolio consisting of personal and artistic pieces, as well as interviews face-to-face with department chairpersons.

Coursework Required for Completion of the Program

Bachelor degree programs in fashion lay a solid foundation in fashion design, fashion history and consumer trends. It will also focus on the development of fashion concepts and manufacturing, knitwear, menswear, business management and fashion marketing. Students will become an expert seamstress and learn the methods for analyzing consumer trends that will influence the type of inventory purchased. Common courses include: illustration, graphic design, visual merchandising, fashion journalism and fashion design principles.

Salary and Employment Outlook

Based on information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the rate of job growth for those getting their fashion designer degrees is expected to remain consistent. Out of the more than 21,000 individuals working in fashion design, 29 percent of those work for piece gods, apparel and merchant wholesalers. Most of the positions tend to be focused in areas that have a fashion-oriented profile such as California and New York.

The wages for fashion designers will vary widely, based largely in part by the area in which the position is based and the type of position you hold. Median salary for those working in the field is more than $60,000 per year[1]. Some of the highest paying jobs in the field are in manufacturing and management.


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