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Graphic design degrees are located at the associate's level and can be obtained online between two and three years. An associates will prepare you for employment as a graphic design assistant. If you want to conduct web design or logo

design for an employer, then you should consider a bachelor's degree in graphic design and website design. 

During a bachelors program you will learn Photoshop. InDesign, Illustrator and the principles of website design. You can also have classes in studio art, computerized design, printing techniques, basic principles of design, and commercial graphics production. 

Admissions Requirements

Most bachelor's programs only require that you have a high school diploma to get started. You may also have to submit samples or a portfolio of your work. Most online programs have open enrollment in which you can begin your program at any time.

Career Opportunities after Earning a Degree

As a graphic designer you will meet with clients or an art director in order to determine the scope of the project. You will advise clients on what message they should convey then create images that fit that message. As a graphic designer you will work with both text and images to create the best effect. You can find work at an advertising agency, a specialized design firm, newspaper or publisher, or as a freelancer taking on clients. The job outlook is expected to grow as fast as the national average at 13%.

After you gain experience, you have the ability to move into higher positions such as advertising, promotions, or marketing management or art director 

Post-graduation Salary Information with a Bachelors of Graphic Design

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that Graphic Designers with Bachelor's Degrees make around $20.92 per hour or $43,500 per year. 29% of designers are self-employed, meaning they may work odd hours and have to spend time marketing their services and attracting clients. 

For those who pursue the art direction track, they can expect to make an average of $38.77 per hour or $80,630 each year. It will take from 1 to 5 years to work up to this position from a graphic designer. It also has slower than average growth at 9%.  For those looking to become advertising, promotions, and marketing managers after gaining experience you can expect to make an average of 52.05 per hour or $108,260 per year. This position is experiencing average growth at 14% and it requires the same amount of experience of 1 to 5 years. 


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