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One of the broader fields, marketing requires people to be able to complete a huge selection of tasks, including planning, analysis of results, implementation of products, and strategies and tactics of advertising. As a marketing degree

encompasses a wide variety of abilities, those who obtain a business marketing degree will have a wide choice in marketing careers. A marketing major opens more doors than most other degrees.

A bachelor degree in marketing will take between three and four years to obtain, while a Master's degree should take no longer than two years after completion of the bachelor's program.

Marketing Admission Requirements

To gain access to a marketing major, a bachelor's degree in a related subject is required, and a bachelor's degree in marketing is heavily preferred by most educational institutions.

As marketing major's are expected to have excellent communication skill and understand business, any evidence of skill in either area, including a degree in English, business, or communications, may help one obtain entry into a marketing program.

Career Opportunities After Earning a Master's Degree in Marketing

Those who obtain a marketing degree online or in-class have access to a wide variety of jobs. In fact, nearly every business in North America requires a marketing professional, giving those with a marketing major a variety of options. Some of the more common career choices include the following:

  • Account Executive
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Marketing Manager
  • Ad Campaign Manager

Whatever career chosen, those with marketing careers will need to be personable and capable of dealing with an extensive variety of different responsibilities. Those who can write well may be given precedence over those who cannot, as those who are hired for their marketing degree will be expected to write press releases, speeches, and manage advertising campaigns.

Post Graduate Salary Information with a Master's Degree in Marketing

The average salary for those with a marketing major varies widely as there is a variety of different career paths available. For those who opt for a more traditional marketing career, the median salary for a marketing manager was $59 471 in 2012 (, Occupational Employment Statistics 2012-2013).

Note that the average salary varies widely not only depending on career chosen, but depending on geographical location and what industry the job is in. Those working for non-profits can expect a lower salary than those working for prestigious marketing companies.


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