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Medical assistant certification will qualify you for an entry level position in the medical field. It will qualify you to work in a physician's office or hospital. Your duties may include administrative work, giving injections, taking patient

histories, assisting the doctor with examinations or preparing samples for the lab among other duties. The type and size of the practice or hospital will have a great deal of effect on your duties.

As the work load of physicians and nurses has grown, they are turning more and more to medical assistants to lighten their work load. This has made this one of the highest demand fields, even in times of economic down turn.

Educational requirements

To take the Medical Assistant Certification Exam (if required by your state) and work as a Medical Assistant you will need to first graduate from one of the certified medical assistant programs offered by one of the many medical assistant schools around the country. Most of these medical assistant programs will require you to have a High School diploma or GED as part of their admission requirements.

The programs will normally last between one and two years depending on whether it is an associate degree program or not. This is a relatively short time for a position in the medical fields.

Potential pay after receiving Certification and job outlook

After graduation from one of the medical assistant programs and receiving your medical assistant certification the income potential is actually fairly good for an entry level position, As of 2012 the wages in this field ran on average from thirty thousand to forty two thousand depending on geographical location. Add to this a job growth rate of thirty one percent over the last three years and you have one of the healthiest fields to enter.


Most people entering into the medical assistant field will use this as a starting point and then use their experience to either move forward into an office manager's position or they will return to school seeking advancement to becoming a nurse, lab technician or physicians assistance. In any case the exposure to working in a doctor's office or hospital is invaluable in helping them choose a further career path in which they know they will be happy.


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