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Types of Degrees and Admission Requirements for Software Development

A degree in software development is typically a specialized degree in Computer Science within the IT world. Students must have a strong background in math, computers and science. A Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or another closely related field is generally a prerequisite for enrolling in a specific software development program. Each software development program will have requirements and tests that a student must pass to qualify for enrollment.

Career Prospects

There are many opportunities for you once you have earned a degree in software development. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook1 this field is expected to expand by 30% by 2020, which is more than the IT industry as a whole and far more than many other industries. The following examples reflect some of the industries that would require your services:

  • Security - Both private industries and government jobs are expected to increase dramatically by 2020.
  • Gaming industry - Developers often work on teams to create popular games. This can be a freelance position or full time employment by a company.
  • Creation of apps.
  • Developing software for a specific industry such as accounting, restaurants, or wholesalers.
  • Search engines
  • Software companies

Potential Salaries and Earnings

Software developers enjoy one of the highest paid IT jobs. You will create the programs that make things work, both visibly and behind the scenes. Based on information presented by U.S. News2 the low pay within this industry stands at $54,980, and in 2011 the upper 10% of software developers earned $136,490. This is one of the highest paying jobs in IT.

Working in Software Development

Although freelancers can work from anywhere, there are definite hot spots of activity for anyone interested in Computer Science related fields, including Silicon Valley, or recently emerging Silicone Beach in Venice, CA. Software developers3 must learn how to code, use mainframe, create new or modify existing software. The job requires precise attention to detail and planning. Projects may be overseen by a manager and include group meetings to discuss how you can evaluate software interaction with hardware.

Marketable skills are important when entering this ever-evolving field. A strong background in business will help entrepreneurs. Cloud computing, mobile languages, Java, and systems integration are just some of the skills that will be important as hybrid pockets develop within the industry. Once you have obtained your degree, continue to stay abreast of changes as they occur.

A software development degree can help you land an exciting and fast-paced career or help you create software, apps and games on your own. As computers become more important and widespread into nearly every aspect of our daily lives, the need for well-trained software developers will continue to increase. Whether you choose to go into freelancing, a corporate environment, or choose a top secret government career, a software degree will help you land a lucrative job.


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