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Let us help you prepare for a career in International Business by matching you with the best degrees from a global business school of your choice. Learn more about this field, which offers exciting opportunities and lucrative awards, with the potential to travel the world.

Types of Degrees Within the Field

  • An Associate Degree will provide the opportunity for entry-level work, and it may be a prerequisite for higher degrees.
  • A Bachelor Degree in International Business will take 3-4 years to complete and is typically the minimal level that is required for a career within the global economy.
  • A Masters Degree in International Business will expand career options, including jobs in management and executive opportunites.
  • A Doctorate in International Business allows you teach at colleges and universities as well as offering the potential to obtain more lucrative compensation.

Admission Requirements

Students who want to study an international business program will need to have a strong business core curriculum in addition to the standard curriculum. Typically, each of the above referenced degrees requires the degree listed above it as a prerequisite. From the 2-year associate degree to the 6-8 year doctorate, students will be building a foundation that will prepare them for success in the global economy.

Career Prospects With a Global Business School Degree

As globalization continues to expand, job opportunities for students who have completed an international business program will continue to expand as well. Just a few of the exciting and diversified options that are available include:

  • Imports and Exports
  • International Banking
  • International Finance
  • Construction
  • Maritime Shipping
  • Marketing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Foreign Currency Advisor

Potential Salary

The sky is the limit for people who major with a degree in International Business. Earnings at the entry level vary from $32,000 to $50,000, however master's and doctorate degrees command a much higher salary. Top executives earn $101,250 per year, or $48.68 per hour, based on the Occupational Outlook Handbook1. Imports and exports from the U.S. accounted for $5 trillion in 2012 based on information presented on the U.S. Bureau of Statistics website2.

Many compensation packages for international business jobs can include commissions for sales in addition to salaries and paid expenses. The opportunity to travel the world while learning more about different cultures and traditions is one of the many perks provided by an International Business Degree.

There are many programs available through the U.S. government to help entrepeneurs who have successfully completed courses from a international business school to find success. Exports and imports are an important part of our whole economy as evidenced by sites such as Ex-Im, a government resource for importers and exporters3.

Entering into an international business program will help you successfully compete against others in this competitive field, where you can travel the world while making sales and conducting business. Although there is great opportunity, it requires a solid background that includes finance, business acumen and knowledge of different cultures. Global business school will prepare you with the tools you need to succeed.


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