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Jobs You Can Get With An Associate Degree In Accounting

Accountants are needed in businesses and organizations. There has always been a need for number crunches, and there is a guarantee to always have a need for them in the future. If you are just beginning your academic career and you are looking for viable options to pursue in the hopes of landing a role in the accounting division of a company, then perhaps a great starting point to consider is an associate degree in accounting.

Many people find themselves extremely eager to get into the workforce. Whether it is because of their own enthusiasm, a financial need that is prompting them to seek employment, or any other reason, some people find themselves looking for ways to shorten the time they spend on earning a qualification.

If you are one of those people, perhaps an associate degree in accounting is the answer for you. An associate degree takes around two years to complete. Although it is half the time that it takes to complete a bachelor's degree in accounting, an associate degree equips you with the skills and expertise you may need to successfully fulfill entry-level roles within the field.

An associate degree allows you the opportunity to get a jumpstart on your career, to gain experience, and if at a later stage you are hoping to head back into the field of academics to pursue a bachelor's degree or a graduate degree in accounting, you will have the opportunity to transfer credits from your associate degree.

If you are considering obtaining an associate degree, you could pursue a role as a bookkeeper, an accounting clerk, an auditing clerk, or an accounting assistant, and you would be able to work under the supervision of certified public accountants and in the financial divisions of many corporations.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), bookkeepers, accounting clerks, and auditing clerks can expect to earn a median annual salary of $45,560. While the BLS does state that there is an expected 5% decline in employment within the field, there will still be an expected 197,600 new job openings each year over the next decade.

Where Can You Work With An Associate Degree In Accounting?

Accountants in general can work in two major places of employment: they could either work in an accounting firm, or they could work in large corporations and organizations within the company's internal accounting and financial divisions.

Alternatively, with an associate degree, you could work in a store, a non-profit organization, or other small businesses that may require the role of a bookkeeper or someone who possesses an associate degree in accounting.

What Will You Learn In An Associate Degree Program?

Courses that may be covered in an associate degree program are auditing, business and accounting ethics, business communication, economics, marketing, management, taxation, and payroll accounting.

Roles That You Could Fulfill

Here are some of the jobs you could land if you have an associate degree in accounting.

Accounting Assistant

As an accounting assistant, you will be working under a specific person, and you will provide them with assistance and support in their role and in fulfilling their duties. You would complete a number of administrative duties such as answering calls, scheduling appointments, and working directly with financial documents.

Being directly involved with an accountant, you will gain exposure to accounting operations, and you would be directly involved in the financials of the company that the senior accountant works with.


Bookkeepers play an important role in running and handling the financials of a company. They are responsible for managing and entering financial data into ledgers, recording incomes and payments, executing payroll operations, and recording all financial transactions, and they may even complete tax forms and other details and information that is related to a company's tax returns.

Accounting Clerk

An accounting clerk is also responsible for executing duties that are extremely similar to that of a bookkeeper. They would need to make sure that deposits and statements are conducted correctly. They may also provide support to individuals within the accounting department by conducting administrative duties, drafting documentation, and making sure that all financial operations are done correctly and on time.

Auditing Clerk

As an auditing clerk, you will produce reports and analyze existing financial data to check for accuracy and ensure that the documents and financial reports are compliant with company, state, and federal requirements.

It will be your responsibility to ensure that all financial information is properly coded and that official reports are true and correct.

Payroll Clerk

As a payroll clerk, your duties in the finance division are inward-facing rather than outward-facing within an organization. You are responsible for the payment of salaries and wages to employees, making sure that their compensation is correct based on the hours they have worked, which you may also be required to monitor and calculate.

You will also be responsible for calculating an employee's cost to the company and ensuring that their tax deductions, health benefits, and any other company contributions are taken care of. You will calculate employee bonuses and monitor leave days.

Accounts Payable/Receivable Clerk

While this role may be completed by one individual, two separate individuals may also fulfill it. In this role, you would be responsible for monitoring all payments into and out of a business.

You will be responsible for making sure that vendors and creditors are paid on time, and the debtors are contacted promptly ensuring that payment is received, and that interest is charged appropriately.

Tax Preparer

As a tax preparer, your role will be most prominent during tax season when you will help companies and individuals complete their tax returns effectively and accurately.

You will make sure that there are no discrepancies and, should the IRS audit your client, they are in good standing and all their documentation and financial reports are accurate.


An associate degree is a great way of starting your career in the field of accounting. Whether you are hoping to garner experience before later pursuing a higher degree, or if you are hoping to enter an entry-level position and grow within an organization, an associate degree is a great way of getting your foot in the door.

find accounting associates degrees near you