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How To Become A Web Developer: Degree and Career Guide

There is nothing these days that cannot be done on a website. From online shopping to virtual communication and everything in between, websites are used a lot and most companies or individuals wouldn't be able to function without a website.

The ultimate success of a website lies in the effectiveness and thoroughness of a web developer. A web developer is an expert in the field who constructs websites from scratch, making sure that the website performs at its highest level and that it is extremely dependable. No one wants to be midway through a payment while online shopping and suddenly the website crashes.

To become a web developer, you would need to develop the appropriate skills, you would need to obtain the appropriate qualification, you would need to build an effective portfolio, and you would then need to gain certification, and maintain your qualifications.

Let us take a closer look at the career of a web developer and the steps you would need to take to pursue this career.

What Is A Web Developer?

Believe it or not, web development is not as hard as it may seem. With so many businesses requiring and thriving off of a web presence, having a website is almost a necessity to be successful in this digital age.

A web developer is someone who works as a programmer to design, create, establish, implement, and maintain web-based applications and sites. They are the individuals responsible for creating a website and making sure that it is entirely functional, fit for purpose, and aesthetically pleasing. This usually means that in addition to the technical skills and understanding that a web developer needs, they also need to have a creative mind and an understanding of what the end user would find appealing.

There are three types of web developers that exist. The first is a front-end developer who is responsible for working on the appearance, features, and usability of the website. These are the individuals who work on the part of the website that the end user sees.

The second is a back-end developer which works on the server side of the website and is usually operated from the side of the website owner. It is here where they would upload information or items for sale, or where they would allow insight into what the website is all about.

The third is a full-stack developer who works on both front-end and back-end development. As can be assumed, full-stack developers usually have more work to do, and they provide a holistic solution to their clients. However, each role poses a positive solution to whoever decided to hire or become a web developer.

What Does A Web Developer Do?

Computers, data systems, and software all operate in a language, but not a language that we as humans use. Rather, the language of computers is written in code. It is up to developers to learn and use this code to create optimal web spaces that allow the end user to enjoy their time on a site, while also fulfilling the purpose and function of the site.

From visual appeal and easy navigation to making sure the site works fast and fulfills the purpose it was created to do; a web developer needs to understand the psyche of the human mind to know what will hook and keep a web visitor on the site.

However, a web developer's job doesn't end when the website is up and running. Instead, they need to constantly maintain and update the site making sure that all bugs and glitches are short-lived and that it stays ahead of all updates and strides that are made to existing software and servers.

Is It Hard To Become A Web Developer?

While some people actively pursue a career in web development, many business owners who carry out all functions of their business, usually do their own web development. This means that it isn't their primary career focus, but rather a subset of their operations within their business.

While it may not be hard to do web development, some people pursue it as their career, and others while not entirely inclined toward web development, do it because they have to. Whether it is easy or not to become a web developer will also lie in your individual preferences and whether or not this is a career path you are hoping to pursue.

Steps To Become A Web Developer

Step One: Earn A Qualification

The first step toward becoming a web developer is obtaining a qualification. This qualification would need to be either a bachelor's degree in computer sciences, information technology, or software engineering.

Step Two: Gain Career Experience

The best way to gain success in a career as a web developer would be to gain hands-on experience. Since it is an extremely hands-on role, you would need to gain practical experience and you would need to be able to effectively apply the theoretical skills you have acquired.

You could gain this experience through an internship program which you could pursue either during your degree program or once you have obtained your degree.

Step Three: Create A Portfolio

Next, you need to showcase your skills to potential employers and clients. This would mean that you should create a portfolio of past projects, whether these projects were completed as part of your degree program or for clients, or even for your internship program.

Step Four: Seek Employment And Maintain Your Qualifications

You can then move on to either finding a job as an in-house web developer for an organization, you could work for a web consultancy firm, or you could work as a freelancer.

An important aspect of this career is staying abreast and ahead of all industry advancements and developments. The digital space is constantly evolving and adapting and for you to remain relevant in this field, you are required to do the same with your qualification.

What Skills Do You Need To Have To Be A Web Developer?

Not only would you need to have skills in computer and software operations, and not only would you need to be tech-savvy, but you also need to have superior communication skills to engage with clients effectively, you would need to have analytical skills, and you would need to have effective time management skills making sure to adhere to milestones and deadlines.

What Is The Salary And Job Outlook For Web Developers?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), web developers and digital designers earn a median annual salary of $78,300. The BLS also states that the job outlook for web developers expects to see a 23% projected growth with about 21,800 new jobs opening up on average each year.

Where Do Web Developers Work?

As a web developer, one of the greatest benefits is its versatility. This job can be successfully carried out in a traditional office role or in a remote role. Web developers can work in almost any environment, and they can work for companies, consultancies, or for themselves as freelancers.


What Are The Education Requirements To Be A Web Developer?

While this does depend greatly on the employer and their requirements, the majority of web developers hold a bachelor's degree.


Holding endless power and holding both intellect and creativity, web developers are able to create a digital space that is both functional, useful, and appealing. If you feel that you have a unique blend of intellect and creativity, you could be extremely successful in the role of a web developer.

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