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Types Of Jobs In Social Psychology

As humans, we are social beings. This is one of our most innate and defined features in that we need, depend on, and rely on others. To maintain successful mental health, we need to surround ourselves with others. Because of how important this aspect of our lives is, there is a whole field of psychology dedicated to the social aspect of life.

Social psychology looks at the social relationships and dynamics between groups of people. It looks at how people interact with each other and their behavior that is as a result of these interactions and relationships.

If you are interested in the social dynamic of psychology and how you can explore the social relationships in society, there are a number of careers you can follow. From industrial-organization psychologists, and human resource specialists, to political strategists, and public relations specialists.

Let us delve into the jobs that you can pursue in the field of social psychology.

About Social Psychology

One of the fundamental theories and debates within psychology has been that of nature versus nurture. It is the theory that calls into question whether our behaviors, habits, actions, and decisions are based on innate values or environmental and learned values.

A great aspect of this theory is rooted in the practices that are acquired through the field of social psychology. Have you ever wondered why teens behave a certain way when they are with their friends and differently when they are with their family? It is because of the social dynamic that is formed in each subgroup.

Social psychology looks at the nature versus nurture theory and to what degree the environment influences people's behavior. It also looks at people's actions in controlled and natural social settings to determine motivations and much more.

It assesses how people impact others and what are the results of these influences.

Types Of Jobs In Social Psychology

Industrial-Organizational Psychologists

Industrial-organizational psychologists keep companies and businesses operating like a well-oiled machine. The reality is that when there are multiple people working together in the same space, there may be a smooth flow in collaborations, or there may be disagreements.

These psychologists assess and analyze the interactions within the workforce to monitor different interactions between employees, as well as between management and staff. They will look at ways of streamlining interactions and working with the company to devise strategies that optimize the existing communication and workflow within a company.

Industrial-organizational psychologists also work towards designing and implementing rewards and incentive programs to keep employees motivated and to push them towards achieving certain goals and targets.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Industrial-organizational psychologists earn an average annual salary of $113,320.

Human Resource Specialists

While industrial-organizational psychologists may be an external consultant that assists a company, a human resource specialist works internally in a company and aids in the recruitment, hiring, and onboarding of new employees, and the exiting of those leaving a company.

Over and above that, they execute training, and they make sure that internal relations within the company remain harmonious and professional. They ensure that no misconduct occurs within the working environment. It is the role of the human resource specialist to ensure that no misconducts occur and that if misconduct does occur, it is properly resolved.

The aim is to ensure that employees are not negatively affected by their job in any way.

When hiring new employees, human resource specialists screen all potential hires to make sure that they are a good fit for the job, that they are qualified, that the job is a good fit for them, and that they have the potential of integrating well with the rest of the team.

Public Relations Specialist

Public relations (PR) specialists play the unique role of being the linking factor between internal company operations and the greater public. PR specialists basically need to know what different groups of people want and how to communicate or appeal to the needs and wants of these communities.

For example, if a company is selling a particular product, PR specialists will develop ways of marketing and communicating the uses of these particular products to a variety of different target audiences. They, therefore, need to have an understanding of what people want and how to give them what they want.

This is not always in terms of physical products but also presenting people with a way to solve problems that may be present. They will need to be able to devise solutions to the problem that will satisfy all stakeholders.

PR specialists are also tasked with maintaining the reputation of the organization with which they work. They can be hired as external consultants, or as internal employees to oversee and manage the public relations of a company.

Having a bachelor's degree in psychology with supplementing coursework in sociology, will greatly contribute to the role of a PR specialist.

According to the BLS, PR specialists earn a median annual salary of $62,800.

Marketing Research Analyst

Have you ever wondered how television ads just have a way of speaking directly to your needs? One second, you're watching your favorite show, and the next second, you're ordering some random item online.

This would be a result of effective market research. Market research analysts work directly with companies and brands in establishing consumer-related market strategies that appeal to the needs of consumers and position the product as something the client immediately needs.

Market research analysts work closely with data collected from the public on their wants, needs, and preferences, and they also assess competitors and their strategies to find ways of optimizing products and "beating the competition."

Market research analysts are required to have at the very least, a bachelor's degree in psychology or in marketing and communications.

The BLS states that market research analysts can expect to earn a median annual salary of $63,920.

Social Worker

Social workers play an important role in ensuring that individuals, families, and certain groups of people who face challenges are able to integrate back into society while receiving the resources that they need.

Social workers all play the unique role of guiding individuals and families toward psychologists who may assist them in adjusting their behavioral and habitual changes.

They guide individuals who have found it difficult in adjusting to societal norms and they help them integrate better into society.

Social workers need a master's degree in psychology, sociology or in social work, they need hands-on training, and they need to make sure they have earned and achieved the correct licensure and certification to practice in a specific state.

The BLS states that social workers earn a median annual salary of $50,390.

Political Strategist

Being a politician means knowing what the people want, giving them what they want, and telling them exactly what they need to hear. While understanding the social behavior of a group may lead a politician to be better inclined to appeal to the needs of the masses, they also need to have ways and means in place of following through with their intentions.

Political strategists work closely in the role of supporting politicians not only to appeal to the masses but to deliver on their promises.

According to the BLS, to pursue the role of a political scientist, you would need a master's degree in a related field and you could earn a median annual salary of $122,510.


It can clearly be seen that once you understand the workings of the human mind, as individuals and as groups, you have the ability and the skill to appeal to the conscious and subconscious needs of society. You have the ability to devise strategies that will work based on data that is collected depicting what communities need and want.

Holding a qualification in psychology and being skilled and trained in the field of social psychology gives you the power to almost be a mind reader, to appeal to the crowd, and basically be a superhero. But remember that with great power, comes great responsibility.

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