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What Can You Do With An Associate's Degree In Business

There is rarely any person in the world who hasn't visited both a large chain store that has its foot in every state of the country and who hasn't visited the small local family-owned grocer on the corner of their block. Despite the size of these businesses, they all contribute to the economy of a country.

When you consider just how many of these businesses exist, not just in one state or in one country, but rather across the world, the magnitude can quickly dawn on you just how fundamentally important the concept of business practices truly is.

Given that businesses play such a large role in the local and global economy, it is no surprise that one of the most common degree programs that are pursued are degrees and qualifications in business management and business administration.

But what if a degree isn't for you? What if you have owned your family's business for 30 years with no qualifications, but you are looking to open up another shop and you need the know-how of how to run more than one business successfully?

What if you are fresh out of high school and you are looking to pursue a career in the field of business, but you don't have the financial capacity to dedicate four years to a bachelor's degree program?

What if you are already working within a business or organization but you don't have a qualification? You are seeking growth within your organization, but it is not realistic for you to pursue a bachelor's degree full-time.

Well, there is a solution for all of the above-mentioned scenarios – you could pursue an associate's degree in business management or business administration. But you may find yourself wondering what you can do with an associate's degree in business. The short answer is that you can do a lot.

Having an associate's degree equips you with the skills, knowledge, and expertise that you need to both establish or run a business, and it gives you the skills you need to enter into the workforce in roles that are above entry level.

You have sufficient knowledge to establish your career and gain practical experience while completing your qualification in under two years. This, coupled with the fact that you could pursue this qualification on a part-time basis, really makes it the ideal option for those who are eager to pursue a business career but have time or financial constraints that prevent them from studying for a bachelor's degree.

Is An Associate's Degree Worth It?

When you consider that the alternative to an associate's degree in many cases is no qualification at all, then an associate's degree does seem to be worth it. But let's unpack this a bit more.

It may seem that getting this degree is inferior to a bachelor's degree and that it may not make a difference whether or not you have an associate's degree, however, with this qualification in hand, you can almost immediately unlock upward growth in the career or job that you already find yourself in.

Not only will you open yourself up for career growth, but you will also be eligible for promotions, and you will climb up the corporate ladder much faster.

Your earning potential also increases substantially, and while this increase may be more noticeable with a bachelor's degree, it is still quite an impressive feat to watch your value increase with numbers.

Additionally, if you are hoping to enter the workforce with an associate's degree or if you weren't already working when you decided to obtain an associate's degree, you will be glad to know that employers tend to favor individuals with a qualification behind their name.

This is because the skills you would have obtained from this program will not only benefit your career growth but will also benefit the organization that you will work for. Given the choice between choosing someone with an associate's degree or no degree for an entry or mid-level position, the individual who holds the associate's degree is more likely to be the successful candidate.

What Will This Degree Teach You?

Knowing what type of knowledge and skills you will acquire from an associate's degree may make or break your decision to pursue this qualification, especially if you have already been working in the business environment.

For example, if you do already own your own business, what value would this degree add to you? Well, firstly, you can see expansion on the horizon. In the example mentioned previously, if you do decide to own more than one business, whether these are the same kind of businesses, one is a division of the other, or whether they are entirely unrelated, having this degree will help you successfully run both businesses.

With each business you own, there may be differences, however small or large, that will impact how you carry out business processes, operations, and finances.

Additionally, if you are hoping to expand your business, you may consider hiring new employees and restructuring the way your business finances are distributed. Having this degree in hand will provide you with the skills and expertise that you need to be successful in your business expansion endeavors.

You will also dabble in coursework that covers finances and the principles thereof, business analysis, human resource management, project management, and an extremely important component of business – customer service.

Jobs You Can Pursue With An Associate's Degree In Business

Administrative Assistant

As the driver of the organization, administrative assistants oversee a multitude of functions that are paramount for the success of an organization. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), administrative assistants earn a median annual salary of $39,680.

Customer Service Associate

This serves as the bedrock for all product and service suppliers. In these types of organizations, the business is only as successful as the customers or end users allow the organization to be. And the treatment and service that a customer receives will determine if they will return to an organization again.

According to the BLS, customer service representatives earn a median annual salary of $36,920.

Store Manager

Whether it is your own store or not, store managers play a unique and vital role in running a business. From setting goals for the organization, devising and implementing budgets, dealing with customer complaints, and mitigating internal and external issues that may arise, a lot rests on the store manager's shoulders.

Store managers are also required in businesses of all different types across all types of industries. According to the BLS, first-line supervisors of retail sales workers and businesses earn a median annual salary of $39,230.

Sales Consultant

Considering that you're the person who will determine the success of an organization depending on how much product or service you can sell, it may seem like a lot of pressure. But if you utilize the skills you acquire from your associate's degree, you can set yourself up for success.

According to the BLS, wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives, which is just one type of sales consultant that exists among many different types, earn a median annual salary of $62,890.


Where Can I Work With An Associate's Degree In Business?

You can work anywhere from corporate administrative offices, small to large enterprises, in the human resources division of an organization, in marketing, retail, and even hospitality.

How Long Does It Take To Earn An Associate's Degree?

It can take anywhere between 18 months and two years.


Many people are hesitant about pursuing an associate's degree for fear that it is not good enough for the career that they desire. However, when you consider the opportunities you expose yourself to with an associate's degree in hand, you realize just how much you can do with it and you realize just how worth it it actually is.

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