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What Kind Of Career Can You Have With A Business Administration Degree?

The world encourages and motivates members of society to be the best version of themselves. Young individuals are always told that they can be successful and that they can reach for the stars. But the way you reach for those stars can happen in many different ways.

As many people try to find their space in this world, they are often faced with the questions of their career, what role they are hoping to fulfill, and how they will ultimately contribute to society. In the hopes of finding a formula that equates to a guarantee of success, career paths that are directly related to business studies have taken center stage.

The reason for this is that degrees in business and business administration open up a myriad of opportunities for almost everyone. If you think you are too introverted to be a business owner, that's fine, a business administration degree can equip you with the skill sets that you need to make a valuable contribution to a number of organizations without taking that intimidating lead role but still gaining great success.

Do you fancy yourself a leader who prefers to grab the bull at the horns and take control of any situation? A business or business administration degree will allow you to fine-tune and enhance your leadership skills and capabilities, acutely and accurately applying them to business practices in a way that yields high rewards.

When wondering what career you could pursue with a business administration degree, it can include any career in finance, management, consulting, and operations, in a wide variety of industries such as banking, manufacturing, healthcare, and so much more.

Let us delve further into the types of careers and industries you can work in with a business administration degree.

Why Should You Consider A Business Or Business Administration Degree?

There are so many components that make up a business and the operations that need to take place for a business to operate successfully. These different facets of business need to integrate seamlessly for the success of an organization.

You see, working toward and obtaining your business administration degree allows you to garner skills that are proficient in a number of these business facets.

For example, starting up your own candle business is not about buying your candle materials, making the candles, and then selling them. Instead, it is about purchasing the correct materials, making sure you make a profit on your sales, advertising and marketing your product, taking care of all financial interactions (including tax), and making sure that the logistics, transportation, and delivery of your products are done appropriately and successfully.

Pursuing a business administration degree assists you in making sure that you have the knowledge in expertise in business practices, a theoretical understanding of business structures and functions, how each structure would apply to a different business, and an understanding of finances, marketing, logistics, and much more.

Above and beyond giving you an overall understanding of each of these business components, a business administration degree will also assist you in honing your skills and specializing in a specific facet of the business.

This degree will also allow you to harness quantitative and qualitative knowledge to enhance any existing business operations in an organization.

While many employers actively seek candidates who have a degree in business administration, other employers actively encourage their internal employees to pursue this qualification as it opens up many streams of growth within the organization.

Industries That You Can Work In With A Business Administration Degree

A business administration degree has applications beyond the generic ideas of commerce or sales, and the production of products. Instead, it can be applied to a number of industries that do not necessarily fit into the stereotypical norm of what a business is.

While business administrators can work as consultants in small coffee shops or candle businesses as previously mentioned, they are also permanently employed in large conglomerates. They work in organizations that sell services as well.

Having a business degree or business administration degree allows you to work in banking industries, advertising and marketing industries, healthcare industries, consulting industries, manufacturing, and logistics industries.

Careers You Could Pursue With A Business Administration Degree

It may seem strange that you could work in the healthcare industry with a business administration degree, considering that you are not equipped on the medical side of operations. But when you consider that hospitals, private doctor's rooms, and even public clinics need to manage the operation, ensure a steady inflow of resources, and take care of patients and employees, having someone with expertise to manage these processes is a must.

With a business administration degree, you can therefore become a hospital manager. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), hospital managers or medical and health services managers earn a median annual salary of $101,340.

You may also consider pursuing the role of an investment banker, which is very specific to the finance industry. The BLS states that securities, commodities, and financial services sales agents earn a median annual salary of $62,910.

You may also consider going into a career in human resources. With innate people skills, coupled with the skills you will acquire from your qualification, you can make the teams within an organization a success.

According to the BLS, human resource managers earn a median annual salary of $126,230.

These are just a few of the many career paths that you could follow with a degree in business administration. To say that you would have a variety to choose from would be an understatement and you could easily find a role that would cater to your passions and a job that you enjoy doing.


Are Business Administration Jobs In Demand?

Business and financial occupations, of which business administration is a great part, expect to see a projected 7% growth over the next decade, according to the BLS. This would mean that these jobs are certainly in demand. Beyond that, individuals who hold a business administration qualification are sought after by recruiters.


Whether you are deciding if you should take a business administration degree, or if you are already enrolled for this degree and wondering what career prospects await you, you are certainly lined up for success. Having this qualification opens up a plethora of career options.

find business administration degrees near you