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What Can You Do With An International Business Degree?

The world has become smaller, not in the physical sense, but in that areas of the world that were once inaccessible have now become the central points of global economic growth. Through digitalization and globalization, you can access the economy of a country that is halfway across the globe.

This has led to global business growth, economic growth, and investment growth. Given this access that the world now has with itself, there is no reason for anyone with strong business acumen to limit their business growth or prospects to the borders in which they reside.

With the global economy on a platter, international business growth is more attainable. With that said, many individuals choose to pursue an international business degree that assists them in global business processes.

The reason why such a degree would be beneficial is that the way business processes are run from country to country, and from an international perspective, can be entirely different. To successfully dabble in international enterprises, and to fully understand international trade and foreign exchange, you would need to be equipped with the correct knowledge and understanding. This is where the knowledge and expertise that an international business degree teaches you comes in handy.

There is a lot that you can do with an international business degree, from running your own business on international turf to working in a global corporation while being able to keep up with global business and economic trends, and much more.

Let us delve into the degree and the possible career paths that it could open for you if you choose to pursue it.

What Is An International Business Degree?

Before you even consider studying for this degree, you should first know exactly what it is and what it entails. To first clear the air, it is important to know that there is a difference between an international business degree and an internationally accredited degree.

An internationally accredited degree is a degree in almost any field, not necessarily in the field of business, which is recognized globally. This means that employers and higher education institutes will recognize these degrees if you are seeking employment abroad, or if you are hoping to further your academic career and you are hoping to build upon the degree you already have.

An international business degree is a degree that allows you to conduct business with countries outside of the one you currently reside. This means that you will be able to coordinate the management of human resources, products, and services on a global scale, rather than just within the borders of your own country.

It means that you will be able to realistically set and achieve the goals of an organization on an international scale and it allows you to engage in inter-organizational business practices, whether it is in the form of import and export, trade, or any other way.

The skills that you will gain from this degree program will teach you how to utilize and adapt the business management skills you will learn to an international environment. At the very foundation of the global economy, it is important to realize that although it is open to everyone, the practices and protocols differ from what you may be used to in your own country. This degree helps you apply your skills to a foreign economy if need be.

What Can you Do With An International Business Degree?

The short answer is that you can do a lot with an international business degree. You can establish your own business that grows beyond the borders of your country, you can work in large organizations that have a global presence, and whether it is a start-up or an existing organization, you will be prepared for global platforms.

Not only will you be familiar with international business practices, but you will be able to put this knowledge to use to achieve an organization's business goals.

Knowing how to collaborate in a single office is one thing, knowing how to successfully collaborate on a global scale is entirely different. With this degree, you will be equipped with the skills you need to manage teams that are located all across the globe.

Where Can You Work With An International Business Degree?

The employers who seek individuals with this degree are varied and wide. If you have this degree in hand, you may not need to search high and low for a potential employer.

Aside from working in marketing firms, or in the division of human resources, finances, and sales, you could find employment within banks, consultant and management agencies, recruitment agencies, and technology companies.

You could also find employment within investment organizations and companies that are greatly focused on import and export.

What Skills Will You Acquire With This Degree?

There are a wide variety of skills that you will acquire from this degree. Some technical skills that you will learn are how to collect and analyze raw data from several international sources, you will learn how to sort and organize this raw data, you will have a keen eye for assessing risks and opportunities for international investment, and you will be able to assess if a risk is worth taking. You will gain skills in finance, marketing, and management.

Additionally, you will acquire a number of soft skills, such as international relations which will provide you with insight into international news and current events, insights into a number of different cultures, and how to interact with such cultures, you will understand trade regulations and even politics.

Lastly, communication skills are paramount when engaging in international business operations. From overall and general communication, negotiating, and networking, these are skills that you will learn and that you will be able to effectively use.

Why Should You Pursue A Degree In International Business?

Not only will you be able to travel and network in an international sphere, but you will face career growth and personal development within a global sphere. Considering that globalization, trade, and international policies are constantly being developed and enhanced, you will be at the forefront of these developments.

You will gain exposure to a number of global cultures, and you will have a career that is highly sought after by employers. You will have access to career growth and upward mobility.

What Jobs Can You Pursue With An International Business Degree?

If you have an international business degree, you have a wide variety of career paths to choose from. Not only that, but you will have exposure to a wider variety of locations, and you will hold a degree that is generally in demand and sought after by employers.

You could either hold the role of an auditor, a public relations manager, a bank or forex officer, an advertising manager, a marketing manager, a logistics manager who deals with international trade and logistics, a human resource manager, a supply chain manager, a policy analyst, or a procurement manager.

Each of these roles comes with different salaries attached to the role.


What Is The Salary And Job Outlook For People With An International Business Degree?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), individuals who hold an international business degree and who work in business and financial occupations can generally expect to earn a median annual salary of $76,570 and the employment rate expects to see a projected growth of 7% over the next decade.

Is It Hard To Study International Business?

It can be hard when you consider the number of foreign principles, international business strategies, and processes that you would need to learn and acquire, but if you put in the required effort to acquire this knowledge, you could easily make a success of your career.


If you firmly feel that the borders of a country are not enough to hold you or the business potential you hold, then perhaps considering expansion into the global economy is exactly what you need. This will be made more attainable for you with an international business degree in hand.

find international business degrees near you